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  • Name:Boulder City
  • Country:United States
  • Continent:North America
  • Label:Boulder City, NV, USA
  • Coordinates:35.88N / -114.87W
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About Boulder City

Boulder City was founded in 1922 to provide housing for workers who were building the Hoover Dam. The official history is that Walter Bracki, a surveyor working with the Bureau of Reclamation, chose the site because of its proximity to both Boulder and Black Canyon. However, there are several anecdotal stories which suggest that Harry W. Morrison had something to do with it; he was a land speculator who bought up much of what became downtown Boulder City before construction began on Hoover Dam.[3] In any event, thousands flocked into this dusty desert town hoping for jobs; among them were many performers from Broadway and Hollywood seeking opportunities in Nevada's expanding entertainment industry.[4] The population increased rapidly after President Herbert Hoover signed legislation authorizing the dam in 1928,[5][6][7] but by 1930 there was already talk about overpopulation as well as other social problems such as gambling and prostitution (which existed even though prostitution is illegal). Despite rapid building during boom times[8], Boulder City still has some vacant lots where houses stood until they collapsed from neglect.[9].