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Poster of City of Belfast

    City of Belfast City Map Poster

  • Name:City of Belfast
  • Country:United Kingdom
  • Continent:Europe
  • Label:City of Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Coordinates:54.58N / -5.92W
  • Price:$19.99
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About City of Belfast

Belfast has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen: "Cfa"), with mild winters and warm summers. The city experiences long spells of rain, fog and strong winds, with the possibility of snow at higher elevations. It is also one of the cloudiest cities in Europe due to its northerly latitude; on average just over 1400 hours of sunshine are experienced annually. In spite of this Belfast receives less rainfall than Paris or London which lie at similar latitudes but further west in continental Europe. This is because weather systems from the Atlantic Ocean come ashore without losing their moisture content as they pass across Ireland towards Great Britain, thus making Belfast's weather relatively dry compared to other locations on similar latitudes such as Moscow or New York City where more precipitation falls because moist air from water bodies inland cannot easily flow out over land into colder areas close by that have lower pressure systems moving through them causing clouds and precipitation to form when enough moisture exists for it do so .

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