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Poster of Chenini Est

    Chenini Est City Map Poster

  • Name:Chenini Est
  • Country:Tunisia
  • Continent:Africa
  • Label:Chenini Est, Tunisia
  • Coordinates:33.87N / 10.06W
  • Price:$19.99
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About Chenini Est

The number of Berber-speakers in Tunisia has been disputed for a long time. The last census to include a question on language was the one conducted in 1956, which recorded that 1,275,000 people (24% of the population) spoke Berber languages at home. However, many Tunisians speak an Arabic dialect and French as well as having knowledge of Tunisian Arabic; this is why some argue that it is not accurate to say that only 24% are native speakers today. Some sources claim there are 2 million Berbers in Tunisia while others give estimates ranging from 30–50%. In any case most recent studies show between 10–20 percent still speaking their ancestral language fluently or regularly including about 3 million non-Tunisian ethnic berbers living within the country's borders who came from Algeria and Libya during several waves starting with French colonization period until present day . According to Ethnologue report , there were around 1 million speakers out of 16 millions inhabitants (6%) before 2011 Census .

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