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Poster of Lo Pagán

    Lo Pagán City Map Poster

  • Name:Lo Pagán
  • Country:Spain
  • Continent:Europe
  • Label:Lo Pagán, Spain
  • Coordinates:37.82N / -0.79W
  • Price:$19.99
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Printed in the USA

About Lo Pagán

taly, Spain, and Portugal are traditionally Roman Catholic and according to the 2005 Eurobarometer Poll retain an above-average belief in God. France is traditionally Roman Catholic as well and has an above-average fraction of atheists. Romania and Moldova are Eastern Orthodox countries and both are very religious. The Neopagan movements found in Latin Europe can be divided into New Age spirituality inspired by Celtic, Norse or Megalithic templates on one hand (Neodruidism, Neoshamanism), polytheistic reconstructionism, either focusing on the ancient Roman religion or other native religions of Latin Europe (such as those of pre-Roman Iberia, Italy, and Romania), and political Neopaganism as part of Alain de Benoist's far-right ideology of the Nouvelle Droite on the other.

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