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    Laoag Municipality City Map Poster

  • Name:Laoag Municipality
  • Country:Philippines
  • Continent:Asia
  • Label:Laoag Municipality, Philippines
  • Coordinates:18.21N / 120.57W
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About Laoag Municipality

The city is named after the lake near the heart of the city. The Spanish colonial government established a town and garrison in 1589, making Laoag one of the oldest towns in northern Luzon. It was made capital of Ilocos Norte when that province separated from Ilocos Sur during Philippine independence in 1898. It is also known as "La Ciudad de las Piñas" (City of Pineapples) because it used to be a major producer and exporter before World War II, earning its nickname as "The Pineapple Capital". Its pineapple production helped earn for it another nickname: ""Pineapple City"". Today only about 3% to 5% percent or less remains but still attracts tourists with its old houses built by wealthy families who were engaged on pineapple production at that time.

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