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  • Name:Laval
  • Country:France
  • Continent:Europe
  • Label:Laval, France
  • Coordinates:48.07N / -0.77W
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About Laval

Laval is a newly-elected member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city that is "Committed to making a creative difference, and promoting good governance in culture and heritage conservation." Laval (Latin: Lavausum) was originally called Lavallis (Lavallium), after the Celtic god Lavios or perhaps for an earlier name in another language. It was also called Lutevausum before being Latinised. The place appears as Lausa on the Peutinger Map from around AD 400, but later maps name it Parcae or Viscariae; other forms include Lablaude and Ablavius. In 1049, it became known by its present name of Laval-des-F么rets ("forest" + "town"), which has become shortened into its present form over time. The suffix - des F么rets comes from Medieval Latin d(i)uod膿s f艒re峁璭s meaning "[the place] where two forests meet".