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Poster of Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury

    Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury City Map Poster

  • Name:Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury
  • Country:Canada
  • Continent:North America
  • Label:Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury, ON, Canada
  • Coordinates:46.58N / -81.01W
  • Price:$19.99
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About Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury

Sudbury has a humid continental climate with warm and often hot summers and long, cold, snowy winters. The Sudbury region was inhabited by the Ojibwe people of the Algonquin group as early as 9,000 years ago following the retreat of glaciers during the last ice age. The land was known as "Baawitigong", meaning "place where waters reflect mountains" in reference to numerous lakes in what is today called Sudbury Region. In 1883 during construction of a transcontinental railway line, gold ore was found by workers at Jones Creek and Goldfields on what became known as Little Fish Lake (later renamed Azilda) near Keefer's Corners (now Azilda). This discovery brought an influx of settlers into this area; some prospectors struck it rich while others returned home with nothing more than they had started out with after spending their life savings looking for that one big strike or 'paystreak'.

Cities near Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury

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