8 Questions With Designer Daniel Norris

When we first formed Poster Collective, all the way back in September of the year 2011, Dan Norris immediately popped up on our radar. His style, often grungy, exudes a unique, eye-pleasing aesthetic when applied to some of our favorite movies. I’m particularly fond of his Goonies and Karate Kid efforts, both of which very creatively tie in some of the most memorable and important scenes in movie history (I may be slightly biased since I love awesome ’80s movies). No doubt, Dan is a talented guy. His also keeps his site updated regularly with new works too, definitely someone to keep your eye(s) on. For a whole lot more of Dan’s work visit his Tumblr and enjoy the interview below. 1. Describe yourself in 5 words or less. Creative Being, Being Creative. 2. How long have you been a designer / illustrator and what made you want to be one? I’ve been a designer professionally for 9 years. I graduated back in 2002 and spent six months doing work placements at various agencies in London – met some great people and learnt so much before landing my first proper job back in 2003. 3. What would you say are your biggest influences ? People with passion, energy and wit creating work that makes you think, and smile. 4. What is your favorite thing about being a designer? That It’s my hobbie too! Creating things is a compulsion for me, it’s what I love doing. I’m a packaging designer during the day, a poster designer in my spare time – but it’s all problem solving with the aim of creating something that’s lives long in the memory. 5. What’s the worst (non-design related) job you’ve ever had? Checking and repairing thousands of seats at the old Wembley Stadium when I was student…tedious is an understatement! 6. Who are some of your favorite designers and why? Alan Fletcher, Saul Bass, Stephen Gammell, Frank Miller…for different reasons they all inspire me. I love what Olly Moss has been up too recently – Ideas lead, Iconic and beautifully crafted work. 7. What are some of your favorite movie posters of all time? Dan Norris The first poster I bought and had on my wall at university was by Saul Bass for the film Vertigo – It had a massive influence on me, also I’m an 80′s kid so Drew Struzan posters will always have a special place in my heart – he has created so many beautiful illustrations for the classic films of my childhood. 8. Any advice for designers out there? It’s all about the ideas for me – keep them coming, keep them bright and stay positive!

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